We believe in the value of orchestral recording sessions

Vaultphonics is deeply rooted in the film, television and commercial industries. We’ve expanded our expertise in a variety of musical styles and extend our passion for engaging, reactive soundtracks into the videogames industry. Aside from producing musical pieces digitally, we offer the possibility to record pieces with the finest musicians in world renowned studios at affordable prices.

Listen: sound is our passion

Clients: testimonial

Project Manager Creazn Studio

Andrew Tsan

Sjoerd Limberger is one of the best musicians I have worked with.
His passion for creating beautiful pieces will bring anyone’s project
to the next level. He works closely with you to achieve what you need
and will always deliver on time. You will not be disappointed!

Founder Teacup Interactive

Roy Theunissen

Offering Sjoerd Limberger auteurship over the soundtrack
is by far the best investment I've made in my project.
His raw acoustic melodies and experimental articulations create striking
and ethereal soundscapes that elevate simple locations and gameplay
mechanics into cohesive and emotional narratives.

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